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Bad Circuitry

by Best Regards

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Jelle A
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Jelle A Bad Circuitry creates a super accessible light album filled with personally recognisable emotional themes.
They make the entire thing into a catchy atmosphere which brings a smile to your face even if you feel down for any reason.

thank you, again and again! Favorite track: Drown.
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I’ve been listening to these thoughts for way too long Trying to let the logic filter in But the funnel’s so damn narrow and it’s filled with self doubt And enough regrets to drown a country in Mister Bartender, can you help me Remedy all the things I don’t want to remember I’m getting sick of starting over And finding new ways to pass the time I ask my self the same persistent questions But the answers still escape me every time (lyrics by Alex Kendziewski and Stephen Martinez)
We all know Americans can’t make mistakes You’re living like your forefathers did So why would you change what’s tradition now? The trail of tears filled their cups and left them thirsty The white man’s burden is resting on the busted backs Of everybody else I’m sick of this constant need for superiority When we’re all just broken beasts of burden I’ll jam a hammer down all your throats Just to nail in common sense And knock down the goddamn walls that you’ve lined with snakes If nature allowed you to bear a child I’d rip away all your rights But it’d result in more bigoted fucks, no I’ve had enough I’m sick of this constant need for superiority When we’re all just broken beasts of burden We’re prone to more suffering and self entitled kings Why would you lend a hand when you can raise a finger? A nation built with bricks of anger (lyrics by Alex Kendziewski)
John closed his eyes, thought about what he wanted to be Dreams too large for a destitute black family What’s this shit about income inequality? You can be anything you want, as long as you can pay the fee Or you won’t be anything, anything at all Jess looked down at her grandma’s wrist And now permanent IV This isn’t how she should look, even at 83 But cancer makes up half the fucking GDP Sure, she’ll die, but the doctor’ll live comfortably And they won’t leave her with anything, anything at all So swiftly siphon this next glass Maybe another four or three ‘Least we can be half full while our futures are fucking empty (lyrics by Alex Kendziewski)
Kerosene 01:10
You think I care more than I fucking do I’ve got more time invested than I’d like to I’ve been waking up just feeling like shit Listening to you whine and endlessly bitch Gonna take my regrets and put them back on the shelf Let them fester and rot for somebody else (lyrics by Stephen Martinez, Chris Recco, and Alex Kendziewski)
Drown 03:33
In the bed at night sometimes I find it nice To wonder how you’re sleeping If you took your head, laid it next to mine Would the angles of our eyes meet? Curse this lousy head for keeping you afloat While I drown in the depths of all the words I wrote About your hands in my hair And how the thought keeps my legs locked down to the ground Instead of moving on In the bed that night, bathed in TV light Your smile never seemed whiter Tarantino served as perfect foil To the dialogue between our tongues We scaled the walls of our vulnerabilities Our guard posts abandoned But my feeble arms couldn’t hold me up And they’re too short to reach you Don’t go home, I said with bags under my eyes But you don’t want to be a burden Or someone someday I’d despise Don’t go home, I said with bags under my eyes 'Cause you were never a burden Just someone on whom I rely (lyrics by Alex Kendziewski)
Hello old friend, won’t you wander this way again? For months my brain’s been bolted on backward I swear I’m gonna try to get myself sorted right Kick this bad circuitry as I put my best foot forward I’ve got such weight weighing on my shoulders So tell my why my muscles aren’t getting any larger I’m sick of searching for something I can salvage So I’ll go home, guess I’ll try in a week again I’ve got such friends standing in my corner So tell my why the fuck I feel like such a loner? I’m sick of all my incessant complaining So I’ll go home, I’m just feeling so weak again So tonight I’m waning And I’m making the tides rise up, wash me anew And my sight is hazy It’s all fading in and out with different hues My spurned mind’s been enslaving all worth saving So against my head I’ll stage a coup And tonight I’m shaking So I’m breaking this slump or this wall (lyrics by Alex Kendziewski)


Recorded between December 2014 and October 2015 in Alex's living room, garage, and a room in a basement at Molloy College

Engineered by Alex Kendziewski
Mixed and Mastered by Michael Briggs


released March 17, 2016

Best Regards is

Kevin Ilardi- Vocals/Guitar
Alex Kendziewski-Guitar/Vocals
Stephen Martinez-Drums/Vocals
Chris Recco-Bass/Vocals

Special thanks to Jesus Rios for helping with gang vocals


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Best Regards New York

Four fat dads from Long Island, New York playing melodic punk rock

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